Pi Stephenson

Hey girls, thought I’d give you a peek inside my weekly workout routine. As you know, we have to work hard to excel at softball. It takes more than practice reps to develop your skills to their absolute best. If you’re lucky enough to have trainers that’s great, but that can’t be our only path to success. We gotta grind!

Check out my workout:

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Here is my weekly schedule:

Sundays – I’ve got mental performance training with ROXANNE BRUNSTING on Sunday nights. You’re probably asking yourself, “What is mental performance training?” In short, mental performance coaches like Roxanne help athletes develop and use mental, life, and self-regulatory skills to optimize performance, enjoyment, performance, and/or personal development in sport. If you’ve ever obsessed over striking out then you know what I mean.

After my team session with Roxanne (we also have monthly one on ones to make Pi her absolute best!) I head out to my garage to get in some hitting and fielding reps.

Mondays – I head over to the Catching Academy for my weekly class at the Catching Academy with Brett Thomas. Brett’s the master and he puts me through the paces with a big emphasis on receiving form and blocking. Catchers don’t get many reps in practice so adding dedicated catching training really helps!

Tuesdays – on Tuesdays I hit with former Major League infielder Kiko Garcia. What I love about Kiko is he’s lived baseball on a totally different level than most coaches and trainers. Sure he gives me great hitting instruction (he’s the best) but his insights into how to approach and master the game are amazing.

Wednesdays – My 510 Coach Khala Taylor is a former D1 track star and softball athlete. She’s really big on strength and conditioning training and she works us to the bone on Wednesday nights.

Thursdays – on Thursdays I’m work with Team Goat with my father Darwin Stephenson. Every week is different and no drill is off limits. Reps, reps reps!

Fridays – you thought I was going to say I workout on Fridays, too? Nah, Fridays are for fun with my friends.

Weekends – during the spring 510 Pride runs a 4 hour practice on Sunday. We work on all aspects of the game and focus a lot on situations.

Well that’s my weekly Spring routine. Hope you girls got something out of it and make sure you hit me up on my Play Like Pi Insta.