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510 Pride Softball

Khala Taylor, my new coach!

As the Fall ’22 Season came to a close, I faced a tough decision. My 14’s NorCal Choppers team was staying at 14’s and they didn’t have a 16s team. I found myself on the hunt for a team and jumped into the softball tryout gauntlet:

  • 510 Pride 16s
  • All American Mizuno Merrritt 18u
  • Batbusters 16s
  • Batbusters 18s
  • Eagles 16s
  • Mercado Millian 16s
  • NorCal Choppers 18s
  • NorCal Legends 16s
  • Strikkers 16s
  • Silicon Valley Fusion 16s
  • Top 9 Robinson 16s
  • Universal Parajon 16s

When I was in middle school, my parents had me try out for every team hosting a tryout. They weren’t shopping me around as much as they were developing my tryout skills (yes, trying out is a skill that needs to be developed). As a result, I’m calm and collected at tryouts which enables me to evaluate the team as much as they’re evaluating me.

I pay attention to how the coaches run their tryout. Are they organized? Do they know how to identify player strengths and weaknesses? Do they understand and appreciate advanced catcher methods? Do the existing players on the team respect and listen to the coaches? Do they provide me feedback during  the tryout?

In the end, I was selected and honored to accept a position on 510 Pride playing for Khala Taylor.

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'23 Tournaments

January 21-22

Nationals Spotlight

Location: Modesto, CA

May 27 – 29

All American Memorial Day Classic

Location: Stockton or Elk Grove

June 3-4

PGF Qualifier

Location: Legacy Sports Complex,  Tracy (CA)

June 9-12

Zoom into June

Location: Chino Hills, Riverside, Hemet (CA)

June 26 – July 1

Colorado Sparkler

Location: Denver Area (CO)

June 29 –  July 3

Champions Cup

Location: Irvine (CA)

July 15 –  20

Nationals Invitational

Location: Stockton (CA)

July 22-29

Nationals Championship

Location: Huntington Beach / Irvine (CA)

July 29 – 30

NAIA Superior Showcase

Location: Elk Grove (CA)