Pi Stephenson

Pi Stephenson

About Play Like Pi

Play Like Pi is a non-profit organization created by Pi Stephenson to raise money to help disadvantaged youth play softball. The 501-c organization raises money for league fees and equipment to help young players play the game of softball.

About Pi Stephenson

Pi Stephenson is a Sophomore attending California High School in San Ramon, California. She intends to attend and play softball in college pursuing a law degree so she can help victims of discrimination and harassment. Pi started the Play Like Pi foundation in October of 2022.

Origin Story

Pi was playing in an out of state showcase tournament for college recruiters when her three nieces saw her play softball for the first time. After the game they proudly announced they wanted to “play like Pi.” However, Pi’s Aunt couldn’t afford to pay the league registration fees and equip the girls to play. Pi’s family sponsored the girls to play and that’s when Pi recognized how expensive it is for young players to play softball for the first time. It was that moment that inspired her to start the Play Like Pi foundation to help disadvantaged youth play softball for the first time.

How much does playing softball cost?

Around $600 total

  1. League fees are a few hundred dollars
  2. Equipment Breakdown: $275
  • Softball Glove($25)
  • Fielding Mask($40)
  • Athletic Shirt ($20)
  • Belt ($10)
  • Softball Pants($30)
  • Softball SocksĀ  ($25)
  • Cleats($30)
  • Softball Bat ($25)
  • Batting Gloves($20)
  • Batting Helmet($50)

Press Contact

Darwin Stephenson (949) 350-5858